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Grabill, IN January 25, 2016 – WIELAND announced its Accord™ Recliner has received an Innovative Technology designation from Vizient, Inc., the largest member-owned health care company in the country. The designation was  based on reviews of The Accord™ Recliner by hospital experts who attended Vizient’s Innovative Technology Expo in November. The annual event provides medical technology suppliers the opportunity to demonstrate their product and gain direct feedback from onsite clinical experts and healthcare providers on the impact their products may have on improving clinical care, safety, or benefits to an organization’s care and business model.


The Accord Recliner’s research-driven design addresses nurse and facility needs in the way the recliner moves, introducing never  seen  before caster and brake systems. Independent from the casters, safeB rake securely grips the floor, providing exceptional stability, reducing risk of injury. The intelliTrac™ caster system intuitively senses whether to track straight down a corridor, or move laterally in tight spaces by following the caregivers lead, allowing unprecedented maneuverability. Centrally located foot pedals allow staff to control multiple systems from the front of the chair, while focusing on the patient. A full-width ottoman gives patients extra space to stretch and adjust; allowing them to remain relaxed longer. A heel allowance aids patients encouraging proper nose-over-toes weight distribution when standing and relieves pressure on the Achilles tendon. An easily accessible foot pedal releases the transfer arm, which pivots up toward the back, completely out of the way. As a result, nurse back injuries and patient falls are reduced. Wieland’s comprehensive approach and attention to detail has created a recliner that meets the needs of patients and staff.


“Vizient is committed to providing our members with leading-edge technologies that deliver new clinical and operational benefits from what is currently available in the market today,” said Debbie Archer, director of procurement and leader of the Innovative Technology program for suppliers. “After reviewing the Accord™ Recliner at our annual Innovative Technology Expo, the hospital experts who attended agreed the product offers unique and incremental benefit over other products available on the market today, and recommended it for the Innovative Technology designation.”


Vizient is the new brand identity for the organizations formerly known as VHA Inc., UHC, and Novation. Since 2003, more than 2000 new and innovative products and technologies have been submitted through the Vizient Innovative Technology program. Vizient works with member-led councils and task forces to identify and renew potentially innovative products. If it is determined that a product is innovative, a contract may be awarded outside of Vizient’s competitive bid cycle.


To learn more about Vizient’s Innovative Technology program, visit


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