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shown with transfer arm up
Wieland accord patient room recliner
accord™ sleep chair and recliner
Amari Patient Recliner
Amari Recliner
Amari Hospital Recliner
amigo table with allay®
Autumn Arm Chairs
canton lounge
canton patient chair
canton waiting room
Capital Bench
Capital Glider
Capital Recliner
Cove Lounge
Cove Lounge
Cove recliners with Plyfold
Cove Recliner, Optional Fold Down Table
disc and upland dining room
hale easy access waiting room
hale easy access lobby
hale motion chair in patient room
Hale Waiting
Hale Benches
hale waiting
hale patient chair in patient room
latitude waiting room
latitude lounge
latitude lounge lobby
Link modular seating
Monroe patient chair in patient room
Monroe waiting room
monroe lobby
perk folding chair with sleepToo® and Smartrail®
perk on Smartrail® by sleepToo®
Plyfold by patient bed
Plyfold shown with Allay® sleep sofa
Plyfold folding chair in corridor
Plyfold + Smartrail®
Reflect Bench
sprout table with monroe
Sprout Lobby
trace patient chair in patient room
Upland and Tubular conference room
upland admissions area
upland dining
Vantage Worship Seating