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At Wieland, we want to make sure you’re cared for far beyond your original investment. We’ve always been about recovery. Patient recovery, furniture recovery, and environmental recovery. You should feel empowered to refresh your furniture, not just toss it as needs and styles change. We know you’re after more than appealing design, too.


You’re after value – and you’ll find it in the following attributes.


construction Our methods allow for product longevity while providing great versatility. Our system makes it easy to access components on-site, often with one simple tool.

fabrics The fabrics used are held in place with hook and loop closures. These closures keep the fabric securely in place, yet allow easy on-site removal for cleaning or replacement.

foam Only the highest quality, high-density foams are used in Wieland seating. All foams in a Wieland product are covered under warranty; no exceptions.

moisture barrier A pliable waterproof membrane laminated to interior foams protects them from any kind of liquid damage – spot cleaning becomes a simple task.

wood Our strong interior framing is made up of hardwood plywood and Baltic Birch plywood, providing your furniture with more stability than ordinary solid hardwood framing that can crack over time.

finishes Wieland’s use of hi-tech, catalyzed varnish finishes offers flexibility in pigmentation, permitting a more perfect match with your decor scheme.

environmental friendliness Wieland has always demonstrated a concern for managing Earth’s resources responsibly. The uniqueness of our renewability system significantly extends the life of furniture, ultimately reducing contributions to the waste on our planet.

testing Every collection has undergone rigorous industry and government testing. Bariatric testing incorporates dynamic testing involving dropping weight from approximately 6″ inches above the seat, more accurately representing the force used when sitting.

warranty Every product is warranted against failure, including foams. 25 years for fully renewable products and 10 years for partially renewable products.