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featuring Perk + SmartRail and Hale, and others in Portland Community Based Outpatient Clinic

As with any project, lots of factors are considered when selecting furniture for a space. Things like cost, availability, aesthetics, safety and durability. For Portland CBOC safety, value, and aesthetics were the most prominent factors in the designer’s decision for selecting Wieland products.

“Projects of this scope are exceedingly rare, and it was very important that the furniture specified was safe from a COVID perspective and that it was appropriate [and] comfortable,” explains Interior Designer Christine L. Guzman.

And, the pieces needed to add value. “Wieland furniture epitomizes long-lasting quality.”

In the end, Christine’s mission was to create a “nurturing, restorative, and recuperative environment for Veterans and their families.”

The products that we build and the spaces that we furnish continue to provide lasting value and are fundamental to moving patient care forward.


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For more information about Wieland, any of these products mentioned, or for placing an order, contact your local sales rep or Customer Care team member at 888.WIELAND.