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trumpet and disc table with metal base

Disc, End Table, Round Top, 24" DIA

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stool and tables with metal frame

ModelShort DescriptionDIA/WHWT
End Table
8724DDISC18Disc, End Table, Round Top241871
8730DDISC18Disc, End Table, Round Top301881
8736DDISC18Disc, End Table, Round Top361892
8742DDISC18Disc, End Table, Round Top4218116
8718SQDISC18Disc, End Table, Square Top181854
8724SQDISC18Disc, End Table, Square Top241861
8730SQDISC18Disc, End Table, Square Top301891
8736SQDISC18Disc, End Table, Square Top3618102
8724DTR18Trumpet, End Table, Round Top241861
8730DTR18Trumpet, End Table, Round Top301871
8736DTR18Trumpet, End Table, Round Top361882
8742DTR18Trumpet, End Table, Square Top421896
8718SQTR18Trumpet, End Table, Square Top181854
8724SQTR18Trumpet, End Table, Square Top241861
8730SQTR18Trumpet, End Table, Square Top301871
8736SQTR18Trumpet, End Table, Square Top361882
General Purpose Table
8724DTR29Trumpet, General Purpose, Round Top242961
8730DTR29Trumpet, General Purpose, Round Top302971
8736DTR29Trumpet, General Purpose, Round Top362982
8742DTR29Trumpet, General Purpose, Round Top422996
8748DTR29Trumpet, General Purpose, Round Top4829112
8724SQTR29Trumpet, General Purpose, Square Top242961
8730SQTR29Trumpet, General Purpose, Square Top302971
8736SQTR29Trumpet, General Purpose, Square Top362982
8724DDISC29Disc, General Purpose, Round Top242971
8730DDISC29Disc, General Purpose, Round Top302981
8736DDISC29Disc, General Purpose, Round Top362992
8742DDISC29Disc, General Purpose, Round Top4229116
8748DDISC29Disc, General Purpose, Round Top4829132
8730SQDISC29Disc, General Purpose, Square Top302991
8736SQDISC29Disc, General Purpose, Square Top3629102


  • 18″ height in a variety of shapes and sizes
  • Laminate table-tops with several edge style choices
  • Two stylish base choices available in black or silver finish
  • Coordinating dining / multi-purpose tables available
  • Covered by 25-year warranty


  • 18″ and 29″ height with round and square top configurations
  • Laminate table-tops with several edge style choices
  • Coordinating dining / multi-purpose tables available
  • Two stylish base choices available in black or silver finish
  • Covered by 25-year warranty