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versant glider, long skirt

Glider, 20" Seat, with Urethane Arm Caps

glider, wood and urethane cap, locking or non-locking

54251WG20Glider, Wood Cap27.530422019.518.524.75634350
54251WG22Glider, Wood Cap29.530422219.518.524.75664350
54251WG24Glider, Wood Cap31.530422419.518.524.75694.25350
54251WLG20Glider, with Locking Mechanism, Wood Cap27.530422019.518.524.75654350
54251WLG22Glider, with Locking Mechanism, Wood Cap29.530422219.518.524.75684350
54251WLG24Glider, with Locking Mechanism, Wood Cap31.530422419.518.524.75714.25350
54251UG20Glider, Urethane Cap27.530422019.518.524.75634350
54251UG22Glider, Urethane Cap29.530422219.518.524.75664350
54251UG24Glider, Urethane Cap31.530422419.518.524.75694.25350
54251ULG20Glider, with Locking Mechanism, Urethane Cap27.530422019.518.524.75654350
54251ULG22Glider, with Locking Mechanism, Urethane Cap29.530422219.518.524.75684350
54251ULG24Glider, with Locking Mechanism, Urethane Cap31.530422419.518.524.75714.25350
Dimension Drawing
  • The curved interior of the Versant glider provides additional comfort for patients and guests
  • Available in three widths with an optional locking mechanism to ensure stability during ingress
  • Long skirt, closed base models meets broader design criteria
  • Versant comes standard with moisture barrier and fully renewable components
  • Available with urethane or wood arm cap
  • 25-year warranty
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