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Cleanability has become a critical consideration when specifying healthcare furniture. Hospital staff want furniture that is easy to clean. Wieland listened to your feedback surrounding infection prevention efforts and recently introduced a folding chair constructed of engineered resin.
Perk’s resin frame makes cleaning with healthcare cleaners simple. It meets the current housekeeping protocols set for healthcare cleaning. The SmartRail® storage system moves Perk onto the wall and out of your way in the patient room. You simply lift up on the manageable 15 lb. chair and hang it on SmartRail®.
The Perk chair launched to the healthcare community in late 2018. At the Health Care Design Expo & Conference in November of 2018, Perk was submitted for the prestigious Nightingale Award and won Gold in the patient seating category.
Wieland is eager to hear how Perk impacts future patients, families and care teams.