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Healthcare spaces play a supportive role in a patient’s experience. The floor plan, artwork, and accent pieces in a space all have a connective influence on anyone present. Furniture layouts that fill these environments are also evolving to meet new expectations for improving the patient experience. 

Wieland’s efforts center on enhancing the patient experience through the functionality of its furnishings. Since its establishment in 1977, Wieland has been dedicated to optimizing furniture comfort, durability, renewability, and functionality.

Wieland’s sleepToo™ sleep sofa puts the patient and their family first by giving them a place to sleep, eat, work, relax, and play. It eliminates the need for additional furnishings by combining a height-adjustable table, storage compartments, seating, and sleep surface into one complete piece. Storage units beneath the seats offer a place for patients to store their belongings. The sleep release button makes it easy to release the back and pull it down into a comfortable sleep surface. The table creates a convenient surface to eat, work, or play on.

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