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Wieland is excited to announce it’s partnership with the HealthTrust™ Purchasing Group. HealthTrust™ members number 1,600+ hospitals in over 25,000 locations. Beginning in 2018, members can benefit from the best healthcare products available from Wieland.

Wieland’s Commitment

Wieland designs and builds furniture to withstand years of heavy use. All backed by 40 years of healthcare experience and a 25 year warranty.

Wieland’s Passion

Wieland seeks to meet the ever-changing trends in healthcare environments with solution-driven designs and engineering. Customer-inspired voice of customer (VOC) research with nurses, professional caregivers, healthcare designers, and patients and family members help education the company on industry needs. This shared information allows Wieland products to best serve patients and healthcare providers.

The sleepToo® sleep sofa, Accord™ recliner, and Cove recliner are a few of the award-winning Wieland products HealthTrust members can purchase through the new agreement. All of Wieland’s products are manufactured proudly in the USA. The company manufacturing locations are in Northwest Ohio and Northeast Indiana.

A Beneficial Partnership for all

Wieland is always looking for new ways to serve the healthcare industry. The new partnership with HealthTrust does just that. This partnership will be mutually beneficial to Wieland and HealthTrust members for years to come. Contact your local Wieland representative for more information regarding the HealthTrust agreement and its benefits.

Contract Number: 22494

Visit to learn more about HealthTrust and its initiatives.