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Research confirms patient outcomes improve when families are present and participate in the recovery process. We’ve specifically designed patient room furniture considering this evidence-based research. The “Patient and Family-Centered” model of  care isn’t a particularly new method of acute care. Hospitals have seen the value of family involvement for several years; recognizing that hospital staff who engage families as active participants on their teams see patient outcomes improve with family participation.

We’ve long been known for anticipating the needs of professional caregivers, families and patients, providing comfortable and innovative solutions with thoughtful options and accessories.

Read on to learn more about a few of our current products designed specifically to accommodate both nurse and family caregivers in healing environments.

The Accord™ Collection

The accord™ recliner addresses nurse caregiver safety with features like the SafeBrake, IntelliTrac™ casters and transfer arm, while the sleep chair provides the family caregiver comfort and flexibility for overnight stays.

The Amari Recliner

Amari’s comprehensive simplicity is deliberately designed for style, sustainability, ease of use and comfort. The small footprint coupled with large casters provide extra clearance for patient lifts and space for mobility devices, while the contoured seat and back and multiple reclining options offer a new level of comfort for patient and family caregiver alike.

The Hale Collection

Beautiful and sturdy, modern and comfortable, the Hale collection offers both patient and motion chairs for the patient room. Hale motion is designed to encourage healthy movement, assisting both patient and caregiver in expending anxious energy. The patient chair offers reliability and durability for healing environments.

sleepToo® Sleep Sofa

sleepToo® is designed to accommodate and support both staff and families during care giving. Offering family members a variety of activities within a small footprint, all while remaining near the patient – dine, visit, work, sit, recline and sleep in just 20 square feet.

Perk + SmartRail®

Perk is a durable, comfortable ancillary seating option for patient rooms. The engineered resin material and single-piece construction makes this chair safe and the perfect option for extra guests when space is tight; or for nurse caregivers who want to better communicate with their patients at eye level during consultations. Pair Perk with SmartRail® for a quick and convenient storage solution.

Allay® Sleep Sofa

A comfortable place to rest with a quick and easy conversion, Allay® welcomes family caregivers, encouraging them to participate in the recovery process. An integrated pull handle makes the conversion from sofa to sleep position simple and intuitive, reducing the number of nurse calls needed during stay.


See a full list of patient room furniture here.

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