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drum and cube table

Drum Table, 24

Drum Table, 24" W x 24" D x 18" H

Drum Table, 24" W x 24" D x 18" HCube Table, 24" W x 24" D x 18" H


ModelShort DescriptionWDHWT
0118D16HDrum, Occasional Table18181634
0118D18HDrum, Occasional Table18181835
0118D20HDrum, Occasional Table18182036
0118D22HDrum, Occasional Table18182237
0124D16HDrum, Occasional Table24241648
0124D18HDrum, Occasional Table24241849
0124D20HDrum, Occasional Table24242050
0124D22HDrum, Occasional Table24242251
0130D16HDrum, Occasional Table30301662
0130D18HDrum, Occasional Table30301863
0130D20HDrum, Occasional Table30302064
0130D22HDrum, Occasional Table30302265
0136D16HDrum, Occasional Table36361677
0136D18HDrum, Occasional Table36361878
0136D20H Drum, Occasional Table36362079
0136D22HDrum, Occasional Table36362280
0142D16HDrum, Occasional Table42421694
0142D18HDrum, Occasional Table42421895
0142D20HDrum, Occasional Table42422096
0142D22HDrum, Occasional Table42422297
0118SQ16HCube, Occasional Table18181637
0118SQ18HCube, Occasional Table18181839
0118SQ20HCube, Occasional Table18182041
0118SQ22HCube, Occasional Table18182243
0124SQ16HCube, Occasional Table24241656
0124SQ18HCube, Occasional Table24241858
0124SQ20HCube, Occasional Table24242060
0124SQ22HCube, Occasional Table24242262
0130SQ16HCube, Occasional Table30301669
0130SQ18HCube, Occasional Table30301871
0130SQ20HCube, Occasional Table30302073
0130SQ22HCube, Occasional Table30302275
0136SQ16HCube, Occasional Table363616106
0136SQ18HCube, Occasional Table363618108
0136SQ20HCube, Occasional Table363620110
0136SQ22HCube, Occasional Table363622112

  • Offered in a comprehensive range of sizes
  • Available in 16″, 18″, 20″, and 22″ heights
  • Durable laminate surface with optional aluminum kick plate
  • Covered by 25-year warranty
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