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versant lounge chair


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lounge chair, wood or urethane cap

54L211WChair, with Wood Cap303332242218.524694.75325
54L212WLoveseat, with Wood Cap543332482218.5241016.5500
54L213WSofa, with Wood Cap763332722218.5241338.75500
54L211UChair, with Urethane Cap303332242218.524694.75325
54L212ULoveseat, with Urethane Cap543332482218.5241016.5500
54L213USofa, with Urethane Cap763332722218.5241338.75500

  • Comfort assured by soft curves and graceful lines, Versant’s large, deep cushions are as functional and durable as they are comfortable
  • Versant comes standard with moisture barrier and fully renewable components
  • 25-year warranty

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