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versant chair, wood arm

Chair, with Wood Arm

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wood arm, wood and urethane cap

54411WB2222" seat, Wood Cap262833222018.525412550
54411WB3030" seat, Wood Cap342833302018.525542.75750
54411WB4040" seat, Wood Cap442833402018.525642.75750
54410-2TW2 Seat Tandem, Wood Cap51.52833222018.525773.5550
54410-3TW3 Seat Tandem, Wood Cap762833222018.5251185550
54411UB2222" seat, Urethane Cap262833222018.525412550
54411UB3030" seat, Urethane Cap342833302018.525542.75750
54411UB4040" seat, Urethane Cap442833402018.525642.75750
54410-2TU2 Seat Tandem, Urethane Cap51.52833222018.525773.5550
54410-3TU3 Seat Tandem, Urethane Cap762833222018.5251185550

  • Sophisticated seating solution infused with performance attributes purposefully designed for healthcare environments
  • All Versant seating is designed to accommodate bariatric capacities
  • Wood or urethane cap available
  • Optional protective foot
  • Versant comes standard with moisture barrier an fully renewable components
  • 25-year warranty


Plastic Foot

Plastic Foot

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