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loop modular seating

Fully Upholstered Modular Seating

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modular seating

1801-MStraight Seat2327.7533232018.5323.25400
1801-IW-MInside Wedge10.5-2027.753310.5-202018.5233400
1801-OW-MOutside Wedge22.5-13.527.753322.5-13.52018.5212.75400
1801-LEStraight, Left End Seat2327.7533232018.5323.25400
1801-IW-LEInside Wedge, Left End10.5-2027.753310.5-202018.5233400
1801-OW-LEOutside Wedge, Left End22.5-13.527.753322.5-13.52018.5212.75400
1801-REStraight Seat, Right End2327.7533232018.5323.25400
1801-IW-REInside Wedge, Right End10.5-2027.753310.5-202018.5233400
1801-OW-REOutside Wedge, Right End22.5-13.527.753322.5-13.52018.5212.75400

  • Loop expresses a creative energy with a free-flowing design
  • Its versatility extends within modular configurations ranging from simple rows and corners to multiple serpentine arcs
  • Loop comes standard with moisture barrier and fully renewable components
  • 25 year warranty

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Contrasting Panel

Contrasting Panel

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