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capital chair, upholstered arm

Upholstered Arm Chair, with Wood Caps

upholstered arm with wood or urethane cap, long leg

32241LChair, with Wood Cap25.52431.520.518.518.524.75403300
32242LLoveseat, with Wood Cap45.752431.54118.518.524.75634.25300
32243LSofa, with Wood Cap66.252431.561.518.518.524.75865300
32240-2TL2 Seat Tandem, with Wood Cap48.52431.520.518.518.524.75724.75300
32240-3TL3 Seat Tandem, with Wood Cap71.52431.520.518.518.524.751045.75300
32641LChair, with Urethane Cap25.52431.520.518.518.524.75403300
32642LLoveseat, with Urethane Cap45.752431.54118.518.524.75634.25300
32643LSofa, with Urethane Cap66.252431.561.518.518.524.75865300
32640-2TL2-seat Tandem, with Urethane Cap48.52431.520.518.518.524.75724.75300
32640-3TL3-seat Tandem, with Urethane Cap71.52431.520.518.518.524.751045.75300

  • The Capital collection offers a comprehensive family of seating and table solutions
  • Complementing occasional tables and bench are available
  • Capital comes standard with moisture barrier and fully renewable components
  • 25-year warranty
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