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50A series occasional table

End Tabe, Rectangle, with Veneer Top

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End Table with Laminate or Veneer Top

ModelShort DescriptionWDHWT
50A-L1618Round, with Laminate Top181620
50A-L1620Round, with Laminate Top201621
50A-L1624Round, with Laminate Top241622
50A-L1630Round, with Laminate Top301638
50A-L1636Round, with Laminate Top361654
50A-L1642Round, with Laminate Top421674
50A-L2018Round, with Laminate Top182022
50A-L2020Round, with Laminate Top202023
50A-L2024Round, with Laminate Top242024
50A-L2030Round, with Laminate Top302056
50A-L2036Round, with Laminate Top362076
50A-L2042Round, with Laminate Top422024
50A-L2418Round, with Laminate Top182425
50A-L2420Round, with Laminate Top202426
50A-L2424Round, with Laminate Top242439
50A-L2430Round, with Laminate Top302440
50A-L2436Round, with Laminate Top362458
50A-L2442Round, with Laminate Top422478
50A-L162048Rectangle, with Laminate Top20481648
50A-L202020Rectangle, with Laminate Top20202024
50A-L202424Rectangle, with Laminate Top24242028
50A-L203030Rectangle, with Laminate Top30302042
50A-L242424Rectangle, with Laminate Top24242432
50A-L291848Rectangle, with Laminate Top48182950
50A-L291854Rectangle, with Laminate Top54182955
50A-L291860Rectangle, with Laminate Top60182960
50A-V1618Round, with Veneer Top181620
50A-V1620Round, with Veneer Top201621
50A-V1624Round, with Veneer Top241622
50A-V1630Round, with Veneer Top301638
50A-V1636Round, with Veneer Top361654
50A-V1642Round, with Veneer Top421674
50A-V2018Round, with Veneer Top182022
50A-V2020Round, with Veneer Top202023
50A-V2024Round, with Veneer Top242024
50A-V2030Round, with Veneer Top302056
50A-V2036Round, with Veneer Top362076
50A-V2042Round, with Veneer Top422024
50A-V2418Round, with Veneer Top182425
50A-V2420Round, with Veneer Top202426
50A-V2424Round, with Veneer Top242439
50A-V2430Round, with Veneer Top302440
50A-V2436Round, with Veneer Top362458
50A-V2442Round, with Veneer Top422078
50A-V162048Rectangle, with Veneer Top20481648
50A-V202020Rectangle, with Veneer Top20202024
50A-V202424Rectangle, with Veneer Top24242028
50A-V203030Rectangle, with Veneer Top30302042
50A-V242424Rectangle, with Veneer Top24242432
50A-V291848Rectangle, with Veneer Top48182950
50A-V291854Rectangle, with Veneer Top54182955
50A-V291860Rectangle, with Veneer Top60182960

  • 50A tables are designed to perform in a variety of healthcare applications
  • Available with laminate or veneer top
  • Routed and hand-filed for a smooth, custom-crafted finish
  • 25-year warranty


50A Table Edge Style

50A Table Edge Style

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