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20R series occasional table

Cube Table

Cube Table

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Cube TableCube TableCube Table

Cube End Table

ModelShort DescriptionWDHWT
20R-151818End Table18181570
20R-242424End Table24242495
20R-243030End Table303024130
20R-242448End Table482424155
20R-152424End Table24241595
20R-153030End Table303015130
20R-152448End Table482415155
20R-201818End Table18182070
20R-202424End Table24242095
20R-203030End Table303020130
20R-202448End Table482420155
20R-241818End Table18182470

  • 20R cube tables area simple, durable solution for a variety of healthcare spaces
  • 20R tables come standard with high pressure laminate top and sides
  • 25-year warranty

Base Options


.75" Plinth


3" Plinth