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Cove Recliner Ready Program

Cove Recliner in Patient Room

Cove recliners ship the day after placing an order

With the Wieland Recliner Ready Program, select the pre-spec’d model desired and place the order. When a purchase order is received before 4 pm EST, your order is shipped the following business day. It’s just that simple.

a solution for your urgent recliner needs

  • Limit of 10 recliners per order
  • Select from pre-specified options

cove recliner – proven and reliable

For over 10 years, Cove recliners have provided comfort and high performance to patients and caregivers in thousands of medical centers across the country. The unique Trac-Rite casters, zero-turn radius and central brake assures effortless movement in and out of the patient room.

Call 888-943-5263 for more information.


Wieland Recliner Ready 2018c